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Senator Ellie Kinnaird has consistently proposed and voted for legislation that reflects the values and concerns of her constituents, not the special interests. She has fought for:
  • an open and honest government that reduces the influence of money in politics and is responsive to the needs and will of the people of North Carolina;
  • an opportunity for all North Carolinians to have a quality education from preschool through college regardless of background;
  • an economy that offers competitive goods and services with a strong local economic base, a vibrant health care sector that assures access to affordable, quality care and economic development that creates jobs in the clean industries of the future;
  • a healthy environment that preserves farmland and open space and provides clean air and water supplies now and for future generations; and
  • laws that provide equal protection for all whether it's support for the Racial Justice Act or fighting to protect all NC families by opposing the NC Constitutional Amendment One that was on the ballot in May 2012.
Some of Ellie's specific legislative victories include:
  • Ellie introduced a moratorium and tough new regulations on hog waste lagoons.
  • Ellie stopped the southeastern states from dumping their nuclear waste in Chatham county.
  • Ellie banned construction materials in landfills.
  • Ellie established a farm use tax status to help farmers remain viable and protect the land on which we depend for our food and for our future.
  • Ellie established standards for energy and water conservation in state buildings and required that the state minimize use of paper.
  • Ellie passed the bill to require the use of alternate fuels in the state vehicle fleets.
  • Ellie authored landmark election reforms that are a model for other states and federal proposals by requiring that votes be recorded on paper ballots and that voting machines and election results be auditable.
  • Ellie's bill became one-stop early voting that makes voting more convenient and, therefore, enfranchising more of our citizens.
  • Ellie authored the requirement that employment information be included in campaign finance reports to improve transparency in elections.
  • Ellie stopped Blue Cross-Blue Shield from converting to a for-profit business without repaying the taxpayers for their years of tax-advantaged operation.
  • Ellie worked to fund the UNC Cancer Center.
  • Ellie initiated a tax on tobacco in a tobacco state and a tax on soft drinks.
  • Ellie led the fight for a birth defect registry and a program to promote the use of folic acid during pregnancy to reduce birth defects.
  • Ellie worked to establish a tax credit for small businesses that provide health insurance to their employees.
  • Ellie passed a landmark bill to stop human trafficking and provide services for the victims.
  • Ellie stopped the execution of the mentally retarded and made widespread changes to make the death penalty more fairly applied.
  • Ellie established a fund to reduce the needless killing of pets through a voluntary contribution to spaying and neutering.

Awards and Recognition:

  • 2013 - General Federation of Women’s Clubs of NC, Women of Achievement Award
  • 2013 - Partners Against Trafficking Humans in NC, Certificate of Recognition
  • 2013 - Planned Parenthood Bertha "B" Holt Legislative Courage and Leadership Award
  • 2012 - Partners Against Trafficking Humans, Certificate of Recognition
  • 2011 - Peace Action, Honored Public Service Award
  • Appointed to the NCCU School of Law Board of Visitors for the term of 2009-2012
  • 2009 - NCNAMI (NC National Association for the Mentally Ill) - Legislator of the Year Award
  • 2009 - Wake County ACLU - Finlator Award
  • 2009 - Senator of the Year, Green Tie Award, Conservation Council of North Carolina
  • 2008 - Access Study Group of the NC Institute of Medicine
  • 2008 - Frank Porter Graham Advisory Board
  • 2008 - North Carolina Rehabilitation Association's C. Odell Tyndall Award for Outstanding Legislative Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
  • 2007 - 2010 - Carrboro Economic Sustainability Commission
  • 2007 - Club Nova Brilliant Start Recognition
  • 2006 Orange County Library Task Force
  • 2005 - NC LGBT and Ally Communities
  • 2005 - North Carolina Public Library Directors Association - Library champion Award
  • 2005 - ACCA Southeast Regional Conference Award
  • 2004 - NC TASH - Senator Russell G. Walker Award
  • 2004 - Orange County Partnership for Children - Champion for Children
  • 2004 - N.C. Association of Community College Presidents - Appreciation Award for Workforce Preparation and Economic Development
  • 2003 - WILL Pacesetter
  • 2003 - CAARE Community service Award
  • 2003 - NC Council of Churches - Faith Active in Public Life Award
  • 2003 - Fifty Who Made a Difference - WCHL
  • 2002 - Appreciation for Neighborhood Help - Lloyd Street Neighborhood Association
  • 2002 - Legislator of the Year Award - Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of N.C.
  • 2002 - NC Prevention Performance Award for Legislator Excellence - N.C. Prevention Partners
  • 2002 - Gwyneth B. Davis Award - N.C. Association of Women Attorneys
  • 2002 - Governor's Advocacy Council Person with Disabilities
  • 2002 - Achievement Award - North Carolina Solar Energy Association
  • 2001 - Public Official Award - National Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  • 2001 - Friend of Education Award - Chapel Hill/Carrboro Association of Educators
  • 2001 - Legislator of the Year - North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers
  • 2001 - Public Service Award - Child Care Services Association
  • 2000 - Defender of Justice Award - N.C. Justice and Community Development Center
  • 2000 - Community Outstanding Volunteer Service Award - Neighbors United
  • 1999 - The Rehab Distinguished Service Award - Faith Oasis of Love Tabernacle
  • 1997 - Clifton E. Johnson Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Legal Profession - North Carolina Central University School of Law
  • 1996 - Appreciation Award - A Mission In Excellence
  • 1996 - Floyd T. McKissick Award - North Carolina Central University School of Law
  • 1991 - Sierra Club Outstanding Achievement

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